Introducing the new Choices Are Voices EP!

Choices Are Voices, the eagerly anticipated second EP from David Gewirtz, delves deeper into the unique sonic landscape he pioneered with House of the Head. This new project carries the same spirit of genre fusion, blending electronica, worldbeat, jazz, and orchestral music, but ventures into darker and edgier themes.

The EP is a masterful exploration of choice and consequence, expressed through a rich tapestry of sound that includes the sophisticated jazzy tones and orchestral power of its predecessor, enhanced with a more intense emotional depth. Utilizing a diverse array of instruments—from rain sticks and flutes to synthesizers and a Steinway Grand Piano—the music crafts an immersive experience that reflects on the complex interplay of decisions and their echoes in our lives. 

“Electronic funk with varied, ear-catching hooks.”
— World Music Central

No AI was used in the creation or mixing of this music.

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Preview individual tracks from the Choices Are Voices EP

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